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3 minutes walk from Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Kanazawa, Kanazawa, and Kanazawa.

Brick-colored and ivory-colored building markers.


3 minutes walk from the east exit of Kanazawa Station, a convenient store nearby and self-help laundry.

Wi-Fi used in Noh inside the store.

Equipment available and stopped 15 辆 train-like stop. A safe and secure room for customers.

Guest room

Half-twin room

Twins​ Japanese three-person room

Four-person room

Room equipment

Comfortable and convenient setting

・ Thin TV

・ Telephone

・ Refrigerator box (left east and west)

・ Pants Noshi (borrowing)

・ Free Wifi

・ Attached image

・ Kettle

・ Fukifu desk (borrowing)

・ Table light (borrowing)

・ Fertilizer (solid)

・ One toothbrush printing tool

・ Bath towel

・ Vagueness-containing shampoo

・ Towel

・ Japanese Yukata

设备 和 服务

Equipment sum  Service




Breakfast provided by "tomatohouse", which is like a layered ground.

Breakfast time Early breakfast 7: 00-9: 00 Undemanding.

Ground layer small bath pond “OKANO-YU”


Before taking a bath, request notification, request, wash, recovery, and heavenly exhaustion.

Near Umaedai / Bathing time is 18: 00-24: 00 / Primary Noh Noh 3rd-4th Small bath pond.

Hair towel and bath towel Demand use self-room. /Fukiseki desk exemption borrowing, request notification front stand. / Vagueness in the bath pond, washable water, free to use.


Registration of residence

Immigration registration 15 points- (Most: 1 point at midnight)

Exit: 10 points

One point at midnight.

Rehabilitation / 传true Service (Courier) / Fax Publish /  Western-style laundry / microwave oven / ice machine / massage (acquisition)

Self-help laundry point in front of the store.

Distance Recently convenient store walking two minutes!

Related equipment



"Body Koto"



3 minutes walking along the road.

Distance Hokuriku Expressway Jinxiang East Departure Population 10 minutes.

40 minutes by taxi from Komatsu Airport.


Beautiful Hokuriku trip

Kanazawa (Kenrokuen)

Noto (Noto)

Toyama (Kurobe)

Gifu (Shirakawa-go)

Fukui (Tojinbo)

Fukui (Eiheiji)

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